Tom Need tom at tomneed.servebeer.com
Sat May 17 11:02:31 CST 2003

I had this problem when i did not have a line splitter on my telephones
attached to the same line. Do all phones have a line splitter?



On Fri, 2003-05-16 at 21:21, EVAN BOURLOTOS wrote:
> Ryan
> I had a bowed line growing through trees and when it got windy it did
> cause some minor hassles with the phone Telstra came and rewired from the
> pole and cleared the branches away. It may sound silly but I never thought
> to look at the exterior condition of the line. I was confident the lines
> were fine and couldn't fault 'the certified' wiring inside.
> The telstra tech noticed the line was old and it even had a tube fuse
> inside the ceiling but you do pay for f**** up line fixing. 
> You could also get the kids to kick the footy and disconnect the line and
> then say it fell off.
> But as Simon suggested are their any weather conditions/phases of the moon
> which trip this off?
> Cheers
> Evan
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