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Fri May 16 10:10:27 CST 2003

davidn at wrote:

>Lukasz Slazak <goorooff at> wrote:
>I think SCO should defend any legitimate claim they have.  The problem
>is that I'm not convinced their claim is legitimate.  Call me cynical,
>call me paranoid, but I can't help wondering whether Bill Gates owns any
>SCO shares.  Buying SCO and sinking the company on an ill-founded attack
>on Linux might well kill off his true competition.  If all it cost were
>SCO, Gates might well consider that cheap.

SCO's share price has gone up 28% since making this announcement, and 
it's been claimed that their attack on IBM has been designed to make the 
larger company buy them out rather than settling. - today shares are trading at $4.55, before 
the linux announcement they were around $3.50. I don't think you need to 
be cynical to figure out what's going on.

John Edwards

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