Network Card not working on single processor mode but fine in dual CPU mode

Kim Hawtin kim at
Tue May 13 16:30:49 CST 2003

On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 02:24:52PM +0930, Matthew Western wrote:
> and then it does a whole pile more netdev watchdog stuff which obviously
> means not working.    kernel
> /etc/modules.conf:
> alias eth0 ne
> options ne io=0x300 irq=9
> i've googled a little and nothing rears it's ugly head....  it occured to me
> that perhaps something suddenly was conficting with irq 9 or memory address
> 0x300 but nothing in messages looked out of place apart from these netdev
> messages...
> any ideas oh gurus?  :)

i have had a similar thing on my old tyan tomcat.

irq 9 is some times "taken" by other stuff... modern ACPI does wyrd
things, you could try setting the NIC to use, say, irq 10. 0x300 should be fine.


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