Red Hat 9 and other OS's

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Mon May 12 07:57:29 CST 2003

Thankyou , 

I installed Redhat 9 on the weekend and using Grub I do not at the moment have a bootable Mandrake except from floppy I havent had time yet to work out why ? Previously in the Mandrake control panel the bootloader was defined as being Lilo.

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> Peter
> As long as you have the right hard drive space, this should be fine. Just
> make sure you keep the partitions for XP and Mandrake there, and once you
> have installed all your packages Red Hat will be able to detect Mandrake and
> XP partions and configure them to be bootable with Grub (another bootloader,
> which I would say your Mandrake 9 setup is already using, cause I didn't
> think Lilo could boot NT based OS's without major tinkering!!!). You
> shouldn't run into any trouble.
> Cheers
> Reece

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