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Brian Marr cabernet at ihug.com.au
Sun May 11 19:57:06 CST 2003

For those in offices and small businesses

You may be aware of the KThesaurus in the KOffice suit. It has two panes - one 
for the Thesaurus and one for WordNet. This is how the WordNet part was made 
functional, on this Suse 8.0 box, using kde 3.1.1.

 WordNet can be downloaded from here. 


The package we are referring to is WordNet-1.7.1.tar.gz

When downloaded it can be unpacked with
tar -zxvf WordNet-1.7.1.tar.gz
in your home directory.

cd to the directory it creates
cd /home/magpie/WordNet-1.7.1

The package can be installed with
make BinWorld PLATFORM=linux

In my case this had to be done as root. The make script stopped with 
Permission errors when this was done as user.

If this completes ok - (check for error messages) the program can be run with 
the command wn. I had a further step to go. WordNet was not working for me 
yet. The main program files are stored in /usr/local/WordNet-1.7.1. By 
leaving this main directory as owner root, user root and changing all the 
permissions beneath this to owner bin, user bin I was able to run wn ok. That 
is all of the permissions of the /bin, /dict, /doc, /include, /lib, /man 

Start KThesaurus, and type in a word. Nothing appears until this is done.
WordNet will then display its information on the subject you require, and the 
Thesaurus will provide lots of alternatives.

NB the front end to WordNet called by the command wnb is not working on this 
machine. The log was  "error while loading shared libraries". This does not 
prevent WordNet from being used in kde.

In Kword, KThesaurus and Wordnet can be used by right clicking on a word and 
selecting the"show related words" menu. KThesaurus will appear.

Brian Marr

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