Copy & Paste problem in Konqueror

Andrew Lord andrewlord at
Thu May 8 12:28:46 CST 2003

Hello all,

I have Mandrake 9.1 installed and am frustrated by the inability to paste a 
file from one open Konqueror window to another.  Click on a document in one 
window, and you can choose copy from the Edit menu.  No problem. But then go 
to another open Konqueror window and choose Edit, and the paste option just 
isn't there.

No problems copying from directory to directory using cp in a shell, but in 
many instances, this is a little too cumbersome.

9.1 has done this since I first installed it on this computer (and accross 
more than one install on this same computer).  Previous versions of Mandrake 
9.1 have had no such problem.  Just wondering if any one knows how would I 
find which Konqueror/KDE file is missing or needs reinstallation , or whether 
I'll need to put in a bug report ?


Andrew Lord

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