ALSA software failed again

James Leone linuxcpa at
Thu May 8 02:50:13 CST 2003

>But I blame linux for this. 

You must not have had "Just make it work support" compiled into your 
kernel.  You just click on the Y, compile the kernel an everything just 
works. :-D

>If it had been a Mac or MS, it would have come up
>with a message saying "Are you sure you plugged the speakers into the
>right computer?" Linux users are somehow just presumed to be too intelligent 
>to make a mistake like that. So that was a close call for sure. Now I'm just 
>so glad I don't live in the USA...
I think that they have a 5 day waiting period, however, if you know 
someone from South Central Los Angeles, or that owns a company in South 
Central Los Angeles, like this guy...

....then all you have to do is say a few bad words while talking to some 
of his employees for a bit, and the waiting period is over.


Actually, that guy is a friend of mine and he has bailed me out of quite 
a few jams. He is one of the reasons I made it through college.


>Time for me to go and count my chickens, I think.
>Alan Kennington.

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