Ogg versus MP3 userbase percentages

Alan Kennington ak.linuxsa at topology.org
Mon May 5 03:41:43 CST 2003

Does anyone have some idea of what proportion of ordinary mugs in
their living rooms (or office cubicles) have the ability to play
Ogg Vorbis files as opposed to MP3 files?

I imagine that by now most browsers would be able to play MP3 files
straight off the net in the browser.
But I imagine most users would not be able to read these Ogg format things.
Since I'm totally out of touch with the real world (since I don't have
a Mac to give me entry to society), I have no way of knowing the
relative acceptance levels of the two formats - and I wouldn't expect
anyone who specialises in the music formats area to give me an unbiased 
answer. So what is the general perception of user playability of these formats?

Is there any point in giving all Ogg files on a web-site the
application/ogg MIME type? Or are there just not enough Ogg-ready 
browsers out there to make it worth doing?

Alan Kennington.

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