Alan Kennington ak.linuxsa at topology.org
Sun May 4 18:55:14 CST 2003

On Sun, May 04, 2003 at 03:33:41PM +0930, Michael Lindner wrote:
> what's good with linux and handhelds?
> what's the best handheld at all?


Whatever you do, don't get an Agenda. I got one by mail order
from Tigerdirect, and it has been back in the box since a couple of
days after I bought it.
The screen was to pale to read without a 100W lamp directly on top of it,
and even then I hard to trun it to just the right angle to get enough
contrast to read anything. 
It also had a software bug which made it turn itself on for a few minutes
every hour, which flattened the battery in less than a day without any use
at all.

Everyone seems to rave about the Zaurus SL-5600:

That's what I'll be buying when I get some spare time to play with such things.
But the last 4 different brands of handhelds I bought all turned out to
be dogs. So I'm waiting for the genre to mature before I spend more 
time and money on these little toys.
This is my modest set of links to linux palmtop related things by the way:

Alan Kennington.

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