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Sat May 3 19:40:36 CST 2003

Richard Sharpe <rsharpe at> wrote:
> On Fri, 2 May 2003, James Leone wrote:
>> Quite a smart observation. If SCO's source was closed, how did IBM get 
>> it? After all, they did not have access to it.
> 1. SCO owns the UNIX trademark and, presumably, the AT&T source code. If 
> any of that has found its way into Linux, that is a problem.

No, SCO bought the trademark and gave it away to The Open Group.

There's no secret to how IBM could have the source code originally owned
by AT&T.  They could have paid for it.  It was for sale (license) almost
for ever.

> SCO's charges are a big problem, because they can effectively scare a lot 
> of companies away from Linux. They can say that they have evidence that 
> their code has turned up in Linux, but refuse to divulge which bits they 
> claim were copied except in court, and that leaves a big cloud over Linux.

I completely agree.  I fully expect Microsoft to use this to their own
benefit and to the open source movement's discredit.

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