Democrats introduce legislation to support Open Source Software

Barney Wrightson barney.wrightson at
Fri May 2 12:06:42 CST 2003

Mike Gratton wrote:

> Instead of bitching about the wording and complaining that one of the 
> major parties is not introducing it, how about we all get behind it and 
> show some support, so it has a chance of passing?
> </rant>
> /mike

The problem with the wording is a big one IMO. There shouldn't be 
legislation to mandate the use of Open Source over proprietary software. 
This is too restrictive and would never be acceptable to a majority. The 
mandate should be to avoid lock-in software, ie. open *Standards* should 
always be used - Then it matters a less whether the source is open or 
not, because you can always change vendors if required.


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