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Fri May 2 11:44:12 CST 2003

I am not concerned by the outsourcing of tasks to offshore companies, that
is the reality of globalization and our current economic models.  I partly
agree that outsourcing of tasks to developing countries does go towards
improving conditions in developing countries.

What concerns me, and what no-one seems to have noted, is not that the work
is being outsourced offshore but:

1.	Where people are imported into developed countries to do work which
local persons can do and are paid less because they do not have local
encumbrances, eg families, mortgages, etc., and are also able to save some
of that money and send it back home to siblings or parents, etc. and then go
back home with their new work knowledge/experience, this robs the developed
country of said worker with gained knowledge/experience and income to local
businesses, or 

2.	 Sometimes, worse still, they don't go home, they stay and add to
the glut in certain fields, lowering wages, and possibly work standards
(where the expected work standards may be less in the developing countries),
in the developed countries.

3.	We, as a developed country, are also guilty of taking the brightest
of the developing countries and using them up and thereby not allowing the
developing countries to develop properly.  We should be encouraging the
developing countries to keep their workers at home and bid for work
overseas, to try to keep their brightest at home and improve the overall lot
of persons in their developing countries.

I am sure some people will say my viewpoint is full of holes but I will
still think any country should try to educate and improve the lot of it's
existing members, rather than take a quick and easy short term view and
import skilled workers from elsewhere and create generations of unskilled,
unemployable locals.


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