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There is an excellent article in "Linux Magazine" (February 2003) about 
VServer: Virtual Server Contexts in Practical Applications. This explains
how to setup what you describe (ie, not emulation).

There's a link in the article to this site:
... that looks usful.


> Hi,
> Wondering if anybody here knows anything about "virtual servers" -
> probably the wrong term to use, but I mean in the sense as having a
> virtual linux machine on top of linux (somewhat like running a linux
> machine inside vmware, but not emulated).
> "User Mode Linux" seems to ring a bell, but I've never played with it
> before.  Wondering if it's possible to install a linux distro inside a
> linux distro, have 3 or 4 "virtual" machines concurrently running, and
> how stable/fast/well it all runs.
> R

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