2byte text with gnome/kde mixup

John Donoghue donoghue at chariot.net.au
Thu May 1 22:08:20 CST 2003

Hi all,

I recently installed redhat 9.0 on my machine and immediately noticed the
following behaviour:

when running kde3 as my desktop environment and then starting a gnome/gtk
app such as gaim or xmms and others, the text in the buttons and menus of
the gnome apops appears with weird characters as every second character - as
if each letter is made up of 2 byes but the application is trewating it as 2
separate characters.

If I run the gnome desktop and gnome apps, the problem doesnt occur until I
am once again in kde. Natvive kde apps are fine.

Anyone else seen this? Or know a way to fix this?

 John :).

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