Mail attachments (possibly) being corrupted

Shane Warner Shane_Warner at
Fri Jul 26 00:06:43 CST 2002

> Do *you* have anything constructive to add?
I am sure those who have the right knowledge will ask the right questions to 
get the information they require to diagnose a situation. =)

They come through as junk.

I have my email distributed to a number of accounts.  Client sites, home 
office, web based mail service etc.  I received an email at a client site 
which had a word document attached.  When I checked the email out at my home 
office, KDE Mail reported an attachment which I was able to save, but word 
wouldn't recognise it as a word document, therefore I assume it was corrupted 
somehow when it came through my server.

This is indicitive of something that happens to me every now and then, which 
can be planned around, but is a bit of a pain in the rear.


On Thursday 25 July 2002 23:46, Daniel Mundy wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-07-25 at 23:10, Shane Warner wrote:
> > Do you have any constructive to add?
> Do *you* have anything constructive to add?
> > > Every now and then, email attachments do not seem to come through
> > > properly for me.
> Shane, bit more info please. Do the attachments simply *not* come
> through, or are they seemingly junk and not save properly (thereby
> possibly indicating corruption (or encryption)).
> Maybe it is just the larger attachments not making it through, because
> of some size limit placed by the mail provider?
> Daniel Mundy

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