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Tue Jul 23 14:04:20 CST 2002

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 12:32, Adam Hawes wrote:
> Mozilla is excellent, and pretty.  It's just slow.  Knock out the mail

Opera is pretty and fast, but not gpl. Who cares? I'll deal with a
banner :) It also copes pretty well with MSIE only pages. Compatability
is only improving.

> GIMP is the Photoshop of tools.  I haven't used it for anythign more

Ive done quite a bit of graphic work under windows in the past, and I
find gimp really annoying, just because I am incapable of using it. I
think it needs more intuative interface. Although those who can use it
probably dont think so. Its an excellent program that can do way more
than they have to but even selecting an area and doing a cut and past
wasnt too obvious last time I looked and if you cant do that your likely
to give up and try paint shop pro under wine :)

> Audio is an area where Linux fails dismally.  There's so many different


Have a look under the multitrack section. There is more stuff out there
than first meets the eye.


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