Windows's Virtual Desktop Support.. lol

Jarrad Schenk jarrad.schenk at
Tue Jul 23 10:49:46 CST 2002

Try installing GoScreen, works a treat!

On Mon, 22 Jul 2002 17:45, Adam Smith wrote:
> My God.  I just installed Windows XP's virtual desktop plugin, and it is
> -SO CRAP- in comparison to *nix's X.
> For instance:
>  - Your taskbar stays consisent throughout desktops, so if you click on
> a task from another desktop, it appears on your current one.  Then when
> you go back to the other desktop, it's disappeared because its now on
> the wrong desktop.
>  - If you disable above said feature, you can't move a window from one
> desktop to another.
>  - You can't cycle desktops.  You have to keep going WIN+1, WIN+2, WIN+3
> etc to go through the desktops.
>  - There's no "Send to Desktop" function.
>  - You can't drag between desktop screens.
>  - If you load an application that will take a few seconds to load and
> switch desktops before it has appeared, it will launch in the desktop
> you switched to, not the desktop it was launched from.
>  - It's really slow.
> lol

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