Fw: free Blender fund

James Leone jleone at pacbell.net
Sun Jul 21 16:28:21 CST 2002

Looks like this could be a very strong use of the open source 
community's resources, especially the ones that don't know how to code. 
LIKE ME. :-)

Anyway, here's my same-old same-old -> the same could be done to pump 
some $ into other open source projects, to reward the current volunteers 
and recruit future talent. The funds could then be used to increase the 
number of and speed of open source/free software development and at the 
same time, keep them GPL.

James Leone

Peter Gossner wrote:

>Begin forwarded message:
>Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 20:54:11 +0200 (CEST)
>From: "Ton Roosendaal" <blender3d at zonnet.nl>
>To: gossner at arcom.com.au
>Subject: free Blender fund
>Dear Blender user,
>Finally some good news. It looks like Blender will get a new future. 
>I've managed to make a deal with the investors in NaN, to agree on a 
>plan to make Blender become an open source project, published as GNU 
>GPL. This will be organized by an independent non-profit organisation, 
>the 'Blender Foundation'.
>You can read about this at the Blender site:
>  http://www.blender3d.com
>Before you go there... there's one 'but' involved. The Foundation will 
>have to pay 100k euro (or USD) to NaN in order to make it happen. That 
>money will be collected with a campaign during the next month. I 
>honestly expect we can find big sponsors to help us out, but I'm afraid 
>it also comes down to you, as the individual Blender user.
>I hope you consider making a donation; you can become Foundation Member 
>for 50 euro (or USD), which will also give you some nice extras during 
>the campaign.
>Let's make Blender Free Software forever!
>-Ton Roosendaal-
>Blender Foundation
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>If you want to receive updates on Blender and the campaign, please 
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