Brian Marr cabernet at internode.on.net
Sun Jul 21 15:47:57 CST 2002

Suse 8.0
There are a lot of Realplayer links on the ABC site these days. Radio 
National is on line, as is Radio Adelaide or 5UV. Linux/Realplayer 
integration has improved a lot and Realplayer will pop up in a browser and 
play these files. 
But Xmms has some of this ability too, and you get to use its better 
features. However with Xmms 1.2.6 configured to run from your browser, when a 
Realplayer link is activated - you may not get a connection. 
I don't know about you but I found it necessary to right click on a 
realplayer link, -then copy link location. In Xmms this can be pasted into 
(right click) play location. You may get a warning - but if you cancel that 
-press the play button and wait -Realplayer will work.

I understand that in Xmms CVS this has been addressed.

Brian Marr

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