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Subject: Announce: Upcoming MySQL Certification program
Date: 15 Jul 2002 10:59:08 +0200
From: "Carsten H. Pedersen" <carstenp at mysql.com>
To: announce at lists.mysql.com

Dear MySQL user,

During 2002, MySQL AB will release two levels of official MySQL 
certification: MySQL Core Certification and MySQL Professional 
Certification. This e-mail describes the upcoming program as 
well as some of your opportunities. 


1. The MySQL Certification Program in 2002 - an overview 
2. Certifications are for version 4.0 
3. Go for Beta testing and get ahead of the crowd
4. The ultimate Certification Preparation: Official MySQL

1. The MySQL Certification Program in 2002 - an overview

MySQL AB is proud to announce the upcoming availability of two 
MySQL certifications: The MySQL Core Certification and the MySQL 
Professional Certification.

The MySQL Core Certification is aimed at the professional MySQL 
user who wants proof of his or her prowess in the fields of SQL, 
data entry and maintenance, data extraction for reporting, etc. 
This certification will be released in the autumn of 2002. For 
more information on the MySQL Core Certification, see 

The MySQL Professional Certification is for the user who has more
experience in the world of MySQL, and wants the credentials that 
prove his or her knowledge in such areas as database management,
installation, security, disaster prevention and optimization. This
certification will be released in late 2002. For preliminary
information on this exam, see

The Core certification is a prerequisite for the Professional 
Certification: You must pass the Core exams before you are able to 
sign up for the Professional exam. Even though the Professional 
exam might be what you are eventually aiming for, you should start 
making plans for taking the Core exam already now.

For general information on the MySQL Certification Program,
see http://www.mysql.com/training/certification.html

2. Certifications are for Version 4.0 
Both certifications will certify your knowledge and competence 
for MySQL 4.0. There will not be a MySQL certification for version 
3.23 or earlier releases. 

This should, however, not present any difficulties. The user view 
of the database has not changed significantly, and the extensions
and enhancements in moving from MySQL 3.23 to MySQL 4.0 are clearly
presented and documented on our website:

3. Go for Beta testing and get ahead of the crowd

You now have the opportunity to sign up for our Beta test program 
for the MySQL Core Certification.

Your benefits of taking part in the beta exam program include:

* Beta exams and results are delivered well in advance of the 
  official publication date -- you will hold your certification
  even before the program is officially launched!

* Your MySQL Core Certificate is just as valid as a "regular" 
  certificate delivered after the day of publication

* Beta exams are offered at a considerable discount

The downside is: You get to do more work (you must answer 2-3
times as many questions during a Beta exam), and you won't know 
whether you passed or failed until some weeks later. Once the
program is officially launched, candidates get their test 
results as soon as the exam is completed.

Read more about how to be part of our beta program on the MySQL 
Beta Certification page: http://www.mysql.com/training/beta.html

4. The ultimate Certification Preparation: MySQL training

MySQL Training will be invaluable to you in preparation for the
certification exam.  Learn more about MySQL than you ever thought
possible, and ace the exam!

Register for training now and be among the first MySQL users 
with a MySQL Core Certificate! https://order.mysql.com/


Carsten H. Pedersen
MySQL AB Certification Manager
MySQL Certifications, http://www.mysql.com/training/certification.html
   __  ___     ___ ____  __
  /  |/  /_ __/ __/ __ \/ /    Mr. Carsten Pedersen <carstenp at mysql.com>
 / /|_/ / // /\ \/ /_/ / /__   MySQL AB, Certification Manager
/_/  /_/\_, /___/\___\_\___/   Haslev, Denmark
       <___/   www.mysql.com   Office: +45 56 36 16 10

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