X won't start

Michael Davies michaeld at senet.com.au
Sat Jul 20 22:57:54 CST 2002

On Sat, 2002-07-20 at 19:25, David Sambell wrote:
> Hi,
> I did sumfin stoopid by deleting all the files in the /tmp directory and
> ever since X has been playing up. First the Evolution app wouldn't start
> then I couldn't log into GNOME and now X won't start at all. This
> progression occuring all within 10-15 minutes.
> Usually at this point I'd reinstall Redhat 7.3 but maybe this time I can
> turn it into an oppurtunity to learn something..
> Where should I start?
Have you rebooted?

There are a bunch of files in /tmp that matter.  ie:

[mikey at shadowfax mikey]$ ls -1a /tmp
.esd              to do with sound
.fam_socket       to do with fam, used by GNOME
.font-unix        to do with xfs
.gdm_socket       to do with gdm, used by GNOME
.ICE-unix         to do with X
orbit-mikey       to do with orbit, used by GNOME
.X0-lock          to do with X
.X11-unix         to do with X

but all should be fixed once you reboot.  Hopefully :)  They're just
locks and special files.  All should recover upon reboot.

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