*STUPID* NT Workstation 4.0

Daniel Mundy djmunds at gmx.net
Mon Jul 15 12:56:36 CST 2002

On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 21:45, David Lloyd wrote:
> but NT only detects it as 8032Mb, says that the maximum NTFS partition
> can be 8032Mb and then when I type in 8032Mb it complains the partition
> is too large.

What if for once Windows is right.. 8gig is too large for the primary
partition? Why would you want to create a single partition on a 40gig
drive? When Windows gives up the ghost, which it will.. all your data
will be lost.

Of course, my windows partitioning is not as efficient as that of my
Linux box[1], but I still keep Windows itself on a small primary
partition and use the rest of the space to keep my data, usually on a
fat32 partition so I can use it from Linux or Windows 98.

> Just out of interest, is there any reason why NT can only see 8Gb of a
> 40Gb drive?

Yes, it is stupid -- but so is Windows NT ;-) Well I guess it has it's
uses... but I thought a *nix vet would see the merits of not keeping all
your eggs in the one basket (and one Windows basket at that...).

[1] Actually, my Windows box has no partitioning as it is currently
rather dead... The hard drive is now in my Linux box, and I can still
access all of my data.

Daniel Mundy
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