*STUPID* NT Workstation 4.0

David Lloyd lloy0076 at rebel.net.au
Fri Jul 12 21:30:31 CST 2002

Confound it,

I have a LICENCED version of Windows NT Workstation 4.0, and seeing I
bought a 40Gb drive I decided to install it on my other computer. The
drive is a Western Digital 7200 RPM drive with nothing special about it
but NT only detects it as 8032Mb, says that the maximum NTFS partition
can be 8032Mb and then when I type in 8032Mb it complains the partition
is too large.

I've tried setting the drive to be LBA and NORMAL but neither seem to
fix the problem.

I then gave up and decided to install FreeBSD 4.4RC3 [ I know, I'm
getting 4.6 very soon now ] and it installed without a problem. It
wouldn't boot at first but changing the drive setting to LBA and redoing
the installation fixed that problem.

Just out of interest, is there any reason why NT can only see 8Gb of a
40Gb drive?

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