Postgres Postmaster Carks It...

Daryl Tester Daryl.Tester at
Tue Jul 9 22:53:04 CST 2002

David Lloyd wrote:

>>> hmmm...

> I meant "hmmmm...can't subscribe to the postgrs mailing lists".

It's weird - it's the only mailing list I've ever had problems
with.  I can post to it, but I never see any mail from it unless
someone responds directly.  The IOCANE firewall nevers gets to
see a connect from any mail servers in that domain (it's good to
be the king^W^W^W have the root password).  I used to have a great
deal of problems talking to their web search engine too.  They
must have a vendetta against me.  :-)  Ah well, other things
to worry about.

General List Question:  Is anyone here successfully subscribed
to any of the pgsql-* mailing lists?

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