java support in mozilla?

David Fitch davidf at
Wed Jul 3 18:06:39 CST 2002

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 12:40, Mike Gratton wrote:
> I think you want to symlink the lib instead of copying it, and make sure 
> Java is enabled under Edit > Prefs > Advanced, of course.

tried symlink, no difference, and yes java is enabled.

> If it still 
> doesn't work after that, you *may* need to get a newer JRE. Which vendor 
> and bugfix version (i.e.: blackdown/1.3.1, sun/1.3.1_02, etc) do you have?

tried 1.4.0 first with same results.  I downloaded 1.3.1_04 from Sun.

Know any other java websites I can try just to make sure it's not
a problem with the website I'm trying?


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