Squid with two ports listening.

Matthew Western mwestern at affairs.net.au
Wed Jul 3 10:48:15 CST 2002

no that's exactly what i meant.  this is an excellent idea.  do the
throttling with iptables....
now i've gotta look up how to throttle with tables....
thanks muchly...
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> Hi Everyone,
> I've got a squid proxy which is connected to a 2Mb link.  I want to setup
> squid to run on two ports run by the same squid (perhaps different squid
> processes).  I want the standard port of 80 to have throttling (which i've
> got working nicely), and i want to have a second port that works
> unthrottled.

Specify the http_port directive twice[0], once for port 80 and once for your
other port. Set up ipchains/iptables to throttle connections with a
of your machine's IP and port 80.

I suspect that this isn't what you meant, however. Would you mind rephrasing
the question?

[0] http://squid.visolve.com/squid24s1/network.htm#http_port

Michael Pearson

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