Bolt (the first B in BBN) dies...

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BBN, for those who aren't steeped in early internet pre-history, is the
company that is responsible for a lot of early internet technology,
including the IMPs
ocessor) that were the first nodes in ARPANET. They're in many early
RFC's (eg and so on...

---(cut from This is True)---
THIS WEEK'S HONORARY UNSUBSCRIBE goes to Richard H. Bolt. A physics
  professor at MIT with an interest in acoustics, Bolt started a
  consulting firm with another MIT professor, Leo Beranek, and worked on
  such projects as doing an audio analysis of the JFK assassination, the
  "18.5 minute gap" in Nixon's White House tapes, and improving the
  in concert halls. In later years, after the addition of one of his
  former students, Robert Newman, the firm of Bolt, Beranek and Newman,
  better known as BBN, designed the first computer modem in 1963,
  computers communicate with each other. This led to work on the
  which became the Internet. BBN helped develop e-mail and, in 1971, one
  of BBN's researchers chose the "@" sign for e-mail addresses. Bolt
  retired in 1976. He died on January 13, but his death was not
  by his family until January 22. He was 90.


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