[NEWS] 'Linux is too much like Windows'

David Lloyd dlloyd at microbits.com.au
Tue Dec 31 17:36:16 CST 2002


> hey I completely agree - Windows is a toy in technical comparison to
> Linux - which is why I love it so much.

Which "it"?

> But the Windows user interface is vastly more easy to use and unified
> across Windows platforms.

It's not and many others will go to great lengths to tell you the
reasons why it is not. But you will not hear them...you seem, sometimes,
to be like Pharaoh whose heart has been hardened by God himself.

> Yeah DOS does suck - which is why I can't wait to get my ADSL wireless
> gateway off Win 2000 to Red Hat..  It won't tell me squat unless I
> fork out at least AU$100 to some foreign company for a little applet
> that does BA.

Well, rather than spending all day writing e-mails [which are difficult
to follow, have no concept and make it look as though you're holding a
strange conversation by yourself] why don't you read up on getting
wireless networking running?

> Linux - I just go to sourceforge - works every time..  But not in a
> production environment..

Just what experience do you have in a production environment running
Linux (or any operating system)?

> In a production environment - people who are not as 'aware' as we are
> - see Linux as a toy.  This won't change until people can actually use
> it.

That is a sweeping generalisation.

> BTW - is this email messed up?  I tried to turn off all the
> 'enhancements' that Outlook forces one to use against their will..

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