[NEWS] 'Linux is too much like Windows'

David Lloyd dlloyd at microbits.com.au
Mon Dec 30 13:39:18 CST 2002


> Anyone I try to suggest Linux to just say 'yeah - but if we have
> problems - what to we get?  RTFM?  We're sticking with windows'

Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. You are attempting to take the
Windows paradigm of "someone will help us SUPPOSEDLY for nothing" into
the Unix/Linux paradigm of "we will help those who help themselves".

> I don't blame them.

Neither do I. I won't tell them to RTFM if they pay me my usual
contracting rates plus GST.

> Selling Linux is a hard task.  The RTFM - 'you are an ignorant newbie
> if you don't' attitude has done enormous damage to the image of Linux.

It's kept ignorant newbies who want everything to be done for them, who
won't pay for support from using Linux. What a pity!

>  Technically Linux is without reproach - we all know that - it's why I
>  use it - but customers won't touch it for fear of that dreaded
>  response 'RTFM' -  when they need help in a hurry.

Find a company that will support individuals for nothing, whenever they
want it, 24/7 for absolutely nothing.

> Sadly - the user-unfriendly philosophies have not changed at all in
> the last 5 years since I started using Linux.

You mistake the "we refuse to help those who refuse to help themselves
and gnash their teeth at us because we expect them to either pay us or
at least try to understand" for "user unfriendly". Different concepts.

But you seem set in your ways, and you will not listen. 

Who hardens your heart?


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