[NEWS] 'Linux is too much like Windows'

David de Groot david at viking.org.au
Sun Dec 29 22:53:11 CST 2002

On Sunday, Dec 29, 2002, at 19:44 Australia/Adelaide, David Lloyd wrote:
>> 4. Pick a boot sequence standard and stick with it
> Like the SysVInit we have?

It's been a while, but doesn't Slackware use a BSD style boot sequence ?

>> 7. Justification for changing the command line systax of your
>> applications
> I dare you to change the syntax of mv to:
> ...don't, I warn you, give out your address.

Actually, although KDE and Gnome could improve a lot [0] it's really 
not something that everyone should get all up tight about. Computers 
won't be intuitive until we can control them by though pattern. Imagine 
being able to think, "find me that thing I was reading last week some 
time about fusion reactors"  and having the computer actually do it.


[0] neither are as smooth as OSX. Both need tighter application 
guidelines to ensure consistency between applications, both require 
easier, more intuitive and more centralised configuration...just to 
name a few of the short fallings.  However, having said that, KDE3 is 
fairly impressive considering it is indeed open source written by 
people who don't necessarily do it as a living

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