[NEWS] 'Linux is too much like Windows'

squareyes squareye at chariot.net.au
Sun Dec 29 21:47:55 CST 2002

On Sunday 29 December 2002 01:37 am, Brian Astill wrote:
> Ian Loxton wrote:
> >Just found this item. What do you think?
> >-------------------------------->>
> >Rant: 'Linux is too much like Windows'
> >By ron carlson, Insanely Great Mac
> I think Carlson is on a planet I don't want to visit.  eg:
> "the notion that users needn't know anything about Ethernet drivers or
> registry files [...]  is deeply ingrained in my psyche.", and
> "Keeping "ignorant, panicky and dangerous" users out of the registry and
> the guts of the box should be a computer maker's
> "job one."
> No thanks - I joined the Unix-based systems to get away from that
> arrogant "let's treat all users as ignorant children" rubbish.

While its possibly true that the average desktop user has no need or desire to 
have any intimate knowledge of "the guts of the box" isn't the aim of open 
source software to provide access to the registry etc. Why have a root 
password included in the installation of all Linux flavors. Ignorance is 
definitely not bliss if access to root is accidental. Some users want to know 
some of the basics, myself included. Isn't it a good idea for a motor vehicle 
user to know a little about how different parts of the machine he/she has 
under his/her control (preferably before it gets wrapped around a tree).

> >"Microsoft, Innovation, and Linux", John
> > Dvorak opines that "Linux is too much like Windows."

Innovation for innovations sake is not necessarily a good thing. I have 
friends who are struggling to use Win98 effectively, but are all checking out 
Linux seems to be going down the same path. Version 1, then version 2.
Why not perfect a single version and let others concentrate on application 
improvements. Modifications to parts necessary to cover new processors etc 
could be made without having to release a new version. What works better in 
most new versions, seems to me they just look prettier, and take up more 
drive space. Microsoft is large enough to generate the publicity it needs to 
sell the public that a new version is desirable,  Linux on the other hand 
needs to stand on a record of efficiency,  ease of installation and use, 
before it will get accepted by the ordinary user. 

Why bother about features that in the main will never be used, re-educate the 
desktop community.  That Linux looks like Windows in the eyes of the common 
Desktop user is not a bad thing, will ease the transition from win to linux.

> How could anyone realistically argue with that?
> "So just as Microsoft has copied Apple's inventions out of necessity,
> the Linux community copies the inventions of Microsoft out of necessity."
> Correct, IMHO.

Well the style anyway, unless anyone can come up with a different GUI that is 
easier, and better to use.

> I wanted to get away from the
> upgrade-your-system-so-you-can-use-the-latest-upgrade-of-your-OS-and-applic
>ations and the "we fix this in the current version" money-go-round.  But
> Linux is joining the club!  WRONG direction, in my view.

Take care


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