[NEWS] 'Linux is too much like Windows'

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Sun Dec 29 20:34:05 CST 2002


> 1. Where should configuration files go?

Where the Filesystem Hierachy Standard says so.

> 2. How should installations work


> 3. Pick a standard .Deb or RPM and stick with it

But choice is good...stick something like apt on top of the bonnet.

> 4. Pick a boot sequence standard and stick with it

Like the SysVInit we have?

> 5. Documentation standards

But the Linux Documentation Project has already chosen DocBook as its
documentation standard.

> 6. Ease of use standards


Such as point and click at things? Fancy dialogs that don't have half
the options of find...

> 7. Justification for changing the command line systax of your
> applications

I dare you to change the syntax of mv to:


...don't, I warn you, give out your address.

> 8. Development roadmaps

What? Plans?

> 9. Elect a leader at large to give some direction

Yeah, right, and one everyone will look up to and agree with.

> But then he said..."Well I think it would actually be nice if the
> Linux community charged for their work, that way, the operating system
>  would  > be funded enough so I or many other people could use it.
>  Just look at OSX."

Apple funds OSX through hardware sales.

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