[NEWS] 'Linux is too much like Windows'

Brian Astill bastill at adam.com.au
Sun Dec 29 18:10:49 CST 2002

Ian Loxton wrote:

>Just found this item. What do you think?
>Rant: 'Linux is too much like Windows'
>By ron carlson, Insanely Great Mac
I think Carlson is on a planet I don't want to visit.  eg:
"the notion that users needn't know anything about Ethernet drivers or 
registry files [...]  is deeply ingrained in my psyche.", and
"Keeping "ignorant, panicky and dangerous" users out of the registry and 
the guts of the box should be a computer maker's
"job one."
No thanks - I joined the Unix-based systems to get away from that 
arrogant "let's treat all users as ignorant children" rubbish.

>"Microsoft, Innovation, and Linux", John
> Dvorak opines that "Linux is too much like Windows."

>I think he and Dvorak have got it wrong but that is just my POV, what 
>are your thoughts on the matter?
I think Dvorak is right.  I'm not even happy with the platform most of 
us use.  Given the money, I'd have a Sparc workstation in a heartbeat.
"Linux may be more efficient and faster, but if you're going to play the 
features game, you're bound to lose.
That's Microsoft's real specialty."
How could anyone realistically argue with that?
"So just as Microsoft has copied Apple's inventions out of necessity, 
the Linux community copies the inventions of Microsoft out of necessity."
Correct, IMHO.

I wanted to get away from the 
and the "we fix this in the current version" money-go-round.  But Linux 
is joining the club!  WRONG direction, in my view.


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