[NEWS] 'Linux is too much like Windows'

Ian Loxton ilox at airnet.com.au
Sun Dec 29 13:36:13 CST 2002

Just found this item. What do you think?


Rant: 'Linux is too much like Windows'
By ron carlson, Insanely Great Mac
December 22nd 2002

 Once every other blue moon Dvorak says something intelligent

 In a column titled "Microsoft, Innovation, and Linux", John
 Dvorak opines that "Linux is too much like Windows." That
 this is true is obvious and it's a matter of some wonder
 that no one -- at least no one notable -- has publicly noted
 this before.

I think he and Dvorak have got it wrong but that is just my POV, what 
are your thoughts on the matter?

Cheers, Ian.

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