got any old textbooks?

Dan Shearer dan at
Fri Dec 27 17:29:26 CST 2002

Maybe some judicious use of the bcc line next time... :-)

On Fri, 27 Dec 2002, Romana Challans wrote:

> As part of ComputerbankSA sending computers to East Timor, we have been 
> looking at shipping - and one thing that came up as a way of value-adding was 
> the fact that they are DESPERATE for old textbooks...there is an enormous 
> lack of such over there, and they would be hugely appreciated..

I don't have any books. But I do suggest that the most useful technical
books would be those in Portuguese (or, as a distant second, Spanish, and
even then I suspect that works best if you're in Bazil or Iberia. I dunno,
don't speak it myself.) Which leads to the next thing, I hope you aren't
sending them English CDs and pre-installed systems. That would be a shame
given that with free operating systems it makes no difference - Portuguese
is no harder to install or more expensive than anything else.

Back to books. You deal in free software, so why not supply them with free
books (on CD or in paper form) such as:  (beginner, intermediate and advanced
available) (too outdated?)

Even consider,
not sure how much can be used standalone.

You should take advice from the Portuguese-speaking LUGs.

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