Damien Uern carrigan_2606 at optusnet.com.au
Thu Dec 26 13:01:23 CST 2002


has anyone checked out xpde (www.xpde.com)? i installed it (very easy to 
install for me, just unzip and modify one file - i did it under a different 
user just to make sure i didn't blow away any of my normal users settings).

It's a desktop environment that's trying to look exactly like windows XP. They 
appear to be copying a lot of flak for it over at slashdot, and I can 
certainly see why. However, GNU/Linux is an open platform and people are free 
to do whatever they wish...

For what its worth, the DE loads very quickly (about as quick as icewm i'd 
say), and looks scarily like XP (in windows classic mode). For me the task 
manager and network monitor didn't work, but oh well. Most of the buttons and 
things don't work, they appear to be placeholders. But I could create a 
shortcut to mozilla on my desktop and start a terminal etc...

Anyway, interesting to checkout, as a novelty at least.


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