LAN Tweaking

Simon Hackett simon at
Thu Dec 26 10:31:12 CST 2002

Its absolute crap.

Clear enough answer? :)


At 8:59 AM +1030 26/12/02, jason wrote:
>I was reading about how to tweak my home LAN. I came across an 
>article at 
><> suggesting 
>the following...
>"Due to the way that a TCP/IP stack is designed, the fastest IP 
>number to resolve is 125. This means that the more 125's that you 
>have in your IP address, the faster your network is going to be. 
>Here's how to set up your network with the fastest possible IP 
>addresses. Select the Specify an IP address radio button. In the IP 
>field, input an IP address in the format 125.125.125.X. Make X a 
>different number between 0 and 255 on each computer on your network. 
>If your network just happens to have more than 256 computers on it, 
>you will also need to use more than one sub-domain (125.125.x.x). "
>I was curious to hear what others have to say about the validity of 
>this claim ?
>Jason Civetta


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