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On Tue, 24 Dec 2002 11:53:25 +1100 "Mcleod, Ian" <ian.mcleod at> wrote:

| Basically I don't want some stingy sod ripping off my ADSL connection or
| file server over wireless or being hacked in to over the Internet (the
| latter is the relatively easy bit!)

If you think WEP's going to stop that, think again.  (And WEP works fine on
adhoc networks, I'm using it right now...)

My usual wireless setup is without WEP, putting the wireless card in a
machine with services running on the card's IP that I want to make public
(On mine, which I'm running a half completed wireless distro, there's a
web interface with a "I wish to get access to this AP" segment on it, and a
ftp server).

I also run either frees/wan (ipsec), or poptop (pptp).  ipsec's encryption
is more secure, but I prefer pptp for now, because it works a hell of a lot
better with the devices that may come over my wireless network (Pocket PC's,
my powerbook laptop, etc).  This is because there's a crapload more pptp
implementations out there then ipsec implementations.  Poptop's also a
complete breeze to setup, whereas freeswan does take some work.

Its also good to mac filter the mac addresses of the cards you want to
access the wireless network.  It is possible to "fake" these with some
chipsets/drivers, but it is another level of security.

If DSL has another one of these meets on a Friday night early in the year
year, I'll be more then happy to come up and lend a hand.

And hey, its christmas.  Nobody makes sense.


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