Microsoft, Innovation, and Linux - is Linux too Windows like?

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Tue Dec 24 11:58:06 CST 2002

Have you considered a Playstation 2? Currently selling at Christmas prices
for around $300ish, (probably cheaper than your GeForce 4?)

Just a thought.


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no Sparc Alpha etc suck (for home use anyway).

Why use SCSI drives for a single user, etc?  Sounds like a lot of money for
little if no gain in performance for desktop applications.

x86 hardware is better because one can afford more of it and can just pump
out sheer grunt.  Esoteric hardware like Mac's, Sun, etc are just more
expensive because they can be or need to be because of lower volumes, niche
market, monopoly, etc - not necessarily because their benefits are
commensurate with the price difference.

In a server environment that's a completely different story.  For personal
use - we just need to shift around massive amounts of data to render little
people with big guns on our screens in high detail.

But Sparc sucks at home - they don't have GeForce 4 graphics cards and I
can't play Unreal Tournament 2003 and therefore it sucks bad - even it cost
$10,000 and had a RAID array, multiple CPUs, registered ECC RAM, blah blah
blah.  If it aint' play UT 2003 - it sucks..

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