Microsoft, Innovation, and Linux - is Linux too Windows like?

David Fitch davidf at
Tue Dec 24 10:29:21 CST 2002

On Mon, 2002-12-23 at 23:17, Brian Astill wrote:
> One problem we face is that Intel and MSDOS have colluded, and coerced 
> others into supporting, restrictions on the way PCs work at quite a 
> basic level.  

all quite true, but that's just x86-based computers, which suck.
Sparc or alpha (and so on) are way better in every respect,
except x86 stuff is cheap.

But that's a different thing than what I took the article to be
on about (and it's not about different word doc formats either).
Linux is trying to copy M$ to "win marketshare" from M$.
We all know M$ never innovates anything, they just copy or
buy things done by other companies/people.  Well linux is
doing the same thing.
In recent times Apple has been more innovative in some ways.

Which shouldn't be taken to mean I don't like linux, I do
(quite a lot, although in some ways I like solaris better
but as a desktop OS (with crossover office to run M$ word
and excel (which works brilliantly BTW (is there an award
for the number of nested brackets?))) linux is perfect for me).


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