Red Hat / Mandrake doomed?

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They did this some time back - letting go of the education division "that
the last management invested in" - Mandrake is always asking for money - but
they produce excellent software and services - have *very* strong community
support - especially home desktop users (traditionally a hard nut to crack
for *nix systems) - I don't know why they are struggling so much.

But I did email them 6 months ago and every 2 weeks since then on how I can
use Amex or a local supplier to join their club - I still have not received
a reply from Mandrake - so if people are throwing money at them and they
never get around to grabbing it - maybe that has something to do with it :-)

What are RH subscription services like for home / desktop use?

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> So is either RH or Mandrake doomed?  I sincerely hope not.

The Mandrake Site clearly states that a previous management team was
burning approximately $1.5/month in the hope of gaining a profit in the
future. Without having much high-level business expertise this strikes
me as a reasonable amount of money.

If you happen to read their web-site you'll find they're not in so bad a
position now that that management team has gone (I wonder why) and
they're cutting costs.

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