Mandrake in critical condition

James Leone linuxcpa at
Sat Dec 21 06:33:55 CST 2002

  Despite being ranked the favorite distribution in the Linux Journal 
Reader's choice awards...


I received this in my email today directly from Mandrakesoft:

>Despite the many financial challenges of maintaining a fully open source
>business model, MandrakeSoft has always followed the Free Software approach,
>but in this normally joyful holiday season we are experiencing a serious
>short-term cash crisis.

This troubles me.

Right now Mandrake is asking for financial help, and I hope that they 
receive it.

I am concerned that their request for help might leave the general 
public with some general confusion that may dampen their effort to raise 

Some people will hold that because Mandrakesoft is legally organized as 
a business, and not a public charity, that this is a bad investment, and 
not see it for what it is: a request for donations.

That being said, I feel very stronly that Mandrake should follow 
Debian's lead and organize as a not-for-profit public charity.


I have also read recent reports that Red Hat has turned a profit this 

But I have also noticed that a Robert Young has been selling his Red Hat 
shares in a spurt that started on 8-29

I will continue, I have to go to a clients...

James Leone

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