CD drive not present in x-toast

David Lloyd lloy0076 at
Fri Dec 20 21:52:27 CST 2002


> Where should I start looking to fix this? I've tried the CD How-to
> which provided answers for how to get your CD drive going, but mine is
> going..well sorta!
> Both LG drives are within a couple of years old and attached to ide1.

It probably needs to be used as a SCSI emulated drive.

Here's the steps I would take to solve the problem. PLEASE NOTE the

1) Log in to X as root
2) Type "modprobe ide-scsi"
   -warning: this will probably make mount /mnt/cdrom [or whatever you
    normally type] bomb out
3) Type X-Toast

Now, I reckon you'll see the burner and maybe not the other drive. Don't
worry - I know this will happen.

4) Get rid of X-Toast
5) Type "rmmod ide-scsi" at the command line
6) Work out which one your CDBURNER is
 - is it hda, hdb, hdc
 - check the output of "dmesg"
   (hint: dmesg | grep hd)
7) Work out how to get grub/lilo/wotever to pass:
  "append hd?=ide-scsi" to the kernl
  where hd? is the drive you discovered in (6)
8) CAVEAT: This will make that drive appear to be /dev/scd0 and your
   other CDROM drive appear to be the main CDROM drive
   - some fiddling with /etc/fstab may be needed

If this doesn't work, bring your computer to me in Rostrevor some
time...or wait for an announcement from the Community Software Network
who are thinking about providing a network of places where little niggly
problems like this can get fixed quickly and easily.


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