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Richard Russell richard at
Fri Dec 20 14:10:18 CST 2002

Hi all -- sorry for the crosspost, but I'm stuck here...

I have a problem I can't track down. My Debian 3.0 machine, which is a
C700 with 512MB RAM and software RAID1 on 2* 20G HDDs, is slow. I'm
not really running much at all on it -- sshd, named, apache, courier,
samba, dhcp client, and that's about it. No X. Top tells me I am 98%
idle, and atsar gives similar results. I seem to be using a fair bit
of RAM, but haven't gone into swap yet. Load average is below 0.1 ...
there's around 80 processes running... I have two ethernet cards and a
wireless card in it, and it runs iptables. There is very little
traffic to speak of, and plenty of disk space left.

however, it just seems sluggish. irregularly so. Sometimes, when I log
in, it takes ages to respond after I give it a password. just running
/etc/init.d/bind9 stop ends up timing out with this error: "rndc:
connect failed: timed out" ... but pretty much everything is painfully

Anyone got any ideas where I can go to figure this out?

It also seems to be slowing down SNAT'd communications through it...

I'll summarise back to both lists


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