Wireless Prism 2.5 based cards under Linux?

David Lloyd dlloyd at microbits.com.au
Fri Dec 20 12:25:28 CST 2002


> Running Mandrake 9.0 (thinking of Red Hat 8.0 - heard that is easier
> to get wireless running) - just got a Dlink M311A (?) Prism 2.5 based
> PCI card - shows up in the hardware listing but nothing else.

I assume you mean the Netgear 311A. We believe that the Netgear 311
cards work under Linux. The 11 meg ones work - the 22 meg ones we're not
sure works.

> Any ideas anyone?

You should have bought a DLink 520 from us ;-P

> Should I just install Red Hat and be done with it?  Maybe that's
> easier than Mandrake to configure wireless??

At the end of the day we reckon that the Netgear 311A will probably work
under Linux...


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