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David Lloyd dlloyd at microbits.com.au
Fri Dec 20 10:13:43 CST 2002


> Looking at Thatcher and Blair, I'm quite in favour of no one party
> having an overall majority!

There is no real solution to democracy. Rule by the majority if that
majority is decided by people who have been persuaded by a minority
simply upsets the whole idea of this type of representation.

For example, the Christian Churches have a significantly
disproportionate amount of influence over the current Australian
system and whilst, thank God (!), we're not a theocracy last time I
looked the Christians happened to form a minority in our modern society.

And if the majority did rule, Australia would still be White, the
Aborigines would be exterminated, single mothers would probably be put
in hostels and woe betide those who weren't straight...


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