opera 6.11 and fonts

Damien Uern carrigan_2606 at optusnet.com.au
Thu Dec 19 21:18:10 CST 2002

Hey people!

Has anyone upgraded from Opera 6.0x to 6.11 and found that the fonts are ugly 
non true-type fonts on a few websites. I've been playing with the settings, 
and except for the occasional site like zdnet.com, it's alright. Forms input 
seems to be always in "Times" font... even though in XftConfig it says to 
substitute Times New Roman for Times (perhaps opera is bypassing Xft).. 

i have all the TT fonts installed, anti-aliasing on, and freetype2 with the 
bytecode interpreter enabled. Most applications (KDE ones anyway) look fine, 
and zdnet.com and others render correctly in konqueror and Mozilla. Has 
anybody had any luck configuring opera/X so that it never chooses the ugly 



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