[OT) Elections - Was almost anything

Brian Astill bastill at adam.com.au
Thu Dec 19 18:00:38 CST 2002

Richard Russell wrote:

>This is what Tasmanian has for their state parliament, IIRC. 
I think that is what they USED to have.  IIRC the two major parties 
colluded to reduce the chances of the minor ones a year or two back. 
 Dunno what they finished up with.

>approximately how the Senate works
VERY approximately.  Different purpose, as you know.

>>The reason we don't have this or any other more representative system is 
>>that it doesn't suit the major parties, and they unfortunately have all 
>>the power.
>and because the designers of our parliamentary system favoured
>stability over representativity... :)
Hence the Senate?  Not sure about the motives of our parliamentary 
designers.  They seem somewhat ambivalent.

>Anyway, how did this get so off-topic?
This is the LinuxSA list.  How come you are even asking such a question 
on such a list?   :-)

If it helps, you could consider Open Source as a democratic movement. 
 Thus we users of Open Source Software are naturally interested in 
issues of democracy.
Hey!  That nearly makes this discussion ON topic! <proud look>


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