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On Thu, 19 Dec 2002 12:36:46 +1030
Michael Gratton <mike at> wrote:

> David Rowlands wrote:
> > Someone a while back was commenting how some countries have their
> > own version of google, while .au doesn't. I just got redirected to
> > with an Australian logo.
> I wonder if this is a precursor to Google bowing to governmental 
> pressure, a'la
> :(


More like making the searches more relevant if you are
looking for local (eg australian) content. Search engines have been
doing this for years... for example (redirects to

Possibly also for language translations... There is a link labelled
"" which directs you to something like which
get you back to the main site. The preference appears to be sticky.

I believe Excite also had an aussie mirror at but can't
confirm it at the moment (403 Forbidden on the


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