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Brian Astill bastill at adam.com.au
Thu Dec 19 10:41:15 CST 2002

Pigeon wrote

Saphologists?? What/who are they? A new protocol or a plant of some kind?

>Those who study lesbianism, perhaps?
No - that would be a lesbiologist :-)

>>>Imagine every  5 current adjacent electorates combined, with electors 
>>>casting thir vote to elect 5 people in each such large 
>>>electorate.  The 
>>>outcome would be likely to be a far greater number of minor 
>>>parties and 
>>>independents in Parliament, far more representative of the electors 
>>>views than is possible at present.
>I'll have to think about this, must admit I don't quite understand
>what's supposed to happen.
Then who is it who's nuts?   :-)

Imagine each of the five original electorates would elect one Labour 
member with 51% of the vote.  Labour would "win" 5 seats.

Now amalgamate the electorates.  51% will now only guarantee 2 seats, 
but on a preferential system would probably "win" 3.  The remaining 
seats would be allocated to the next most popular candidates - perhaps 
one Conservative and one Independent.
Thus whereas before those who voted Conservative or Independent would 
not have their preference recognised, they would now.
The overall result would almost certainly be that no one party had more 
than 50% of the seats in parliament, but maybe that's not a bad idea.


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